Anyone purchase from 3DProshare

Anyone purchase from 3DProshare, I’m considering purchasing an m200 from them

Thay say there order comes with the v2 nozzle and v2 build plate installed

Didn't get my printer from there, but I did get some filament. Good price and quick shipping, and the guy I spoke to was really nice. He even told me that if I had problems that my reseller wouldn't help with he would try to help me out. If I was in the market for a new printer I'd definitely consider them (top tip; make sure to tell them if you're a student).

You might want to get them to double check that. All my latest machines came with V1 hot end and bed. 

While your at it, see if its free shipping.  lol 65 for Zultrat...oh my!

Just was on the phone with the guy today. Really really nice. Not sure if the printers come with v2 Anything zortrax says there upgrades. I buy all my filament from him. Good price and super fast free shipping. Shot him a email most likely will Answer is a few hrs

While your at it, see if its free shipping.  lol 65 for Zultrat...oh my!

All filament comes with 2 day free shipping. So 65 is a good deal then.

I purchased one of my printers from them and filament multiple times. My first printer had an issues and they shipped another one out right away.

I've ordered all four of my M200's and +- 100 rolls of Z-ABS and Z-UltraT from 3DProShare. Love these guys....... competitive pricing, outstanding service and fast shipping.