Anyone use a PSU/APC/UPS in case of a power surge or outage?


We have an M300 and print 3D mock ups that take multiple hours to print.

We recently had a a quick power outage that caused the printer to stop when it was almost complete and we had to start over.

>>Has anyone had experience using an APC, UPS or PSU in case of these situations?

- Wondering what units you have used successfully.

We purchased this APC, but are hesitant to connect it.

We are more concerned about hazards with fire/burning or technical malfunctions.

Thank you all !!

Hi Bengal,

I haven't used a UPS, but I'm curious how it works.

Please post your observations and conclusions after testing the APC you've just purchased.


I use a CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD to run 2 M200's simultaneously.

Once heated and running they would run for a ~20 minute outage.

Have saved me a couple of times for quick power blips which are long enough to interupt and fail a build.

Unrelated to the UPS - I too was/am concerned about fire hazard so I built a chamber above it with a particulate sensor to detect smoke and a relay drive outlet strip. In the event it detected a higher then normal particulate count ~ >50,000 counts in my case it would cut power and send me a text message. Then I could log on and check the camera. If that was not enough my Halon fire suppression would kick in in the event there was a true fire.

I can text it to shut off or alert me as well. It works really well, I need to run lights out and be safe. I did have to shut it down via text due to a failed build but this was once in about 125 builds.

Have fun.