[APOLLER] 1.6.0 firmware released


We have released new firmware 1.6.0 for Zortrax Apoller.

Remember, that to download and install firmware later than 1.6.0, it is necessary to register your Zortrax device first. Registration process is simple and has to be done only once per each of your Zortrax devices. Registered products will receive authorized firmware guaranteeing the best possible performance and access to new features as soon as they are implemented. You can register your Zortrax device here. Have a look at the manual showing how to register your device.

Full changelog available below:

  • Added an end-user license agreement,
  • Introduced the registration procedure using Zortrax ID,
  • Added the new Device test option which starts automatic tests of tightness and crucial components,
  • Added a new pop-up window about the need to tighten the filler cap,
  • Added a new message about entering the condensation process,
  • Improved GUI graphics, responsiveness, efficiency and stability.

You can download the firmware here.