Architectural Model


Printing something like this.

Update soon when it's finished.


Looks awesome!

Thanks! It is awesome indeed, and Huge. I am still working, it is delivered tomorrow to customer.

So after 3 days....

40 parts, 4 printers.(3 zortrax 1 up, no support in none of them)

this is the result


Holy cow! :)  :o

What the???? :huh:  Looks GREAT!!!!


Anyone anywhere with access to EOS system?  It's a pain to work with ABS this kind of parts, and some more projects to come.

All information to PM please.

Simply stunning...

nice job,

how did you go about splitting the design ?

abs glues together nicely though.

Model was Splitted with Geomagic, it is very nice for slicing. Then most parts were oriented via Insight to mimimize support. After that they were packed in zsuite. And built in batches, indeed ABS glues nicely and this model was vaporized after glueing.

Wow simply wow!

Amazing print!

WOW... amazing print and design.... Great job