automatic clutch / torque converter so far

this is what I'v been working on the last two weeks and ended up going for this type of design , it's uses an on old capstan design used in the navy , sailing and winches , as the input shaft rotates the larger wheel (the clutch)  which expands out ward due to centrifugal force tighening the belt which is wraped round the capstan , a timing belt connected between the input shaft and the capstan shaft keeps then in sync , the belt is then tightened , the tighter the belt gets the more torque is produced from the wind around the capstan , the centeral belt is also connected to the output shaft (stil to be printed) , in this configuration this should in theory allow smaller motors to have a higher torque output making them more efficient 2300


Looks like a neat mechanical project.  Will be making STLs available?

most prob , still to print out the output shaft an the case , and motor connectors , so will most prob have to make some adjustments on them

Thanks - its a kick to print a well designed mechanical project so I'm always on the lookout for a good one.

You do some awesome and different stuff Southoz

well so far I have gone through 4 full rolls of filament developing this to this point and still making adjustments to it , it will take about another two to three weeks for the final out come to be finished , added custom designed bearing holders with biult in screw mounts , enlarged the capstan , put on a adjustable stopper to stop the max amount the clutch can expand (pmsl had the clutch fly off the wheel an sail across the room when it come off the guide rail , the retainer spring wasnt strong enough hold it haha) , as soon as I have it safe to use I will put the up files for download  , dont want anyone to get hurt

Thanks - I'll be looking for it.

sorry it's taking longer that I thought it would to finish , now gone through 6 full rolls of filament so far and havent even started on the case at all , have to wait till i can afford more filament (that'll be about a fortnight) but here's some of the adjustments so far2420


yet another delay sorry to say , waiting on a replacement part for the printer , it's been broken for a week now and cant be used until the part arrives and i figure out how to put it in hahaha ... so it will take a few more weeks to a month until i finish this

I'm sorry to hear about the problems that you've been having.  Take your time and get the design to be just the way you want it.