Automatic/Editable Supports

Is there a way in ZSuite to use editable supports while in dual extrusion mode? The editable supports only appear when I select single extrusion from the menu.

Let me add some color to this. Under print settings, if I choose Zortrax Materials Dual or External Materials Dual then the editable supports is not enabled or visible and only automatic. You can’t edit the automatic supports and it’s creating way way more than I need. My print job went from 16 hours on my Wanhao 5S to 84 hours on M300 Dual. I can set it to Zortrax Materials Single and the supports are editable but it doesn’t print with the support filament but with the normal filament.

I am using ZPETG and ZSupport Premium.

Hi, @russ356.

At the moment Editable Supports are available only for single mode.

We’re working to implement this option for Dual mode as soon as possible.