Automatic leveling of perforated plate failing

Hello everyone,

Have a problem with M300 Plus. I’m trying to perform automatic perforated plate leveling, but in the moment it heats up to proper temperature and I confirm leveling procedure plate starting to “shake” and slowly descending and after a moment printer is displaying error message. When trying to perform manual leveling with sheet of paper everythings works great. Found this guide:

Performed all points and it turns out, that left/middle pin have circuit continuity with right pin even without cables connected to the plate. This indicates, that there is problem with perforated plate. Another thing is that platform heats up very slowly.

I’m going to replace perforated plate, but if it won’t help where should I look further?

I’ll attach video showing the problem in the moment.

Adding link to video:

Hello Tarasola,

Did you replace the perforated plate and did it help?

You could also check the heatbed cable and the small connector on your plate.

Best Regards