Autorepairing problem with file from MODHIPUS


I spend two weeks trying to find a solution my problem.
I have stl file that is causing an error on autorepair.
I downloaded a file many times, check and repair(no crack) file in meshmixer, check in Blender, and always that same error.
Auto repairing in ZSUITE after a long time it shows error!
I open it without any problems in Cura and Chitubox, only Z-SUITE have problem.
I have Z-SUITE 2.21.
File with problem is Outer Corner from Red Rocket set design by Modiphus:
3D Printable Red Rocket - Preserved - Terrain Expansion - Fallout: Wasteland Warfare by Modiphius Entertainment (


Hi @default.user,

unfortunately, I cannot check the file you are having issues with, but what model of the printer do you own? If it is M200/M300 - I would suggest loading it for M200/M300 Plus as the model might be repaired correctly. Once this is done - you will only need to switch back to the printer model you have.

Also, please remember that you can load the model without repairing it (Model -> Import without repairing), but for M200 and M300 - you can only choose the shell infill then.

Best regards,