avoiding pending filament

hi guy, i'm having a weird issue, i'm printing a symmetric model but only on one face i'm having the issue you can see in the image.

How can i avoid it? i'm printing with 0.14 mm layer height, high speed, auto fan.

thank you

If that is ABS I'd go with normal speed and 20% fan.

If that is ABS I'd go with normal speed and 20% fan.

yes that's abs, and i was using 0.8 firmware. 

thank you i'll give it a try

Did you find a combo that worked?

Did you find a combo that worked?

nope, on a different face, but the issue is still there. meanwhile i updated the firmware to 1.0.0

Maybe dual fan could help.

Try with a rotated model (Z-axis 180 degrees) and compare to the same non rotated  to check if the fan position has  relevance.

If you are talking about the little nubs, those are from plastic oozing out of the nozzle as it transitions from one print area to another, they will almost always show up as it is a delicate balance between retract and ooze that the Zortrax software designers have to combat.

These nubs should be easy to remove and there are soo many ways of cleaning up after them.

If it is about the resonance artifacts in the edge of the surface layers those could be corrected by stiffening the overall mechanical system, I did just that with my “UP Plus Pro” and it made quite the improvement.