Axes check fails

Good afternoon, I’ve tried running the axes check a few times but no success. it keeps telling me to do end stop maintenance. this is not the case. I do notice that as i move the extruder to the home position it does get a little tight and it seems to have some intermittent hits on the home switches because of this. im curious as to what may cause this tightness in the home corner and how can i remedy it?


I am also experiencing the “axes chack fail” problem. Mine sais I need to do axis maintainance which I’ve done accordingly to the support provided. I do feel a slight resistance when moving the extruder around while having the machine turned off. Might be too tight belts for me I guess?

Is there different messages that will be provided depending on what causes the axis check to fail.

Thinking end stop maintainance vs axis maintainance etc?

On the M200, being very tight at the corners is usually due to an axis alignment problem.


There is just one message indicating that the axes check has failed. Did you experience any problems while printing, such as layer shifting? Or do models print fine?

Still, if you feel a slight resistance while moving the extruder when the device was turned off - please perform the axes maintenance with the jigs. You will find the jigs on our Zortrax Library.

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Thank you for your reply.

I do not experience any layer shift, they print fine. I recently changed to glass plate and I’ve notice that on the right-forwards side (towards the door), the bed is slightly lower than on other parts. So the object doesn’t stick as well on that side. It did that as well with the perforated plate and auto-calibration, allways (-0.1)

Any how, i will print out the jigs and try the axis maintainance again.
Thank you!


Thank you for providing more details. As for printing on the glass plate - please, take a look at our manual.

Also, please carry out the manual calibration and let us know if the one side of the platform is still slightly lower than on other parts.

Thank you as well!


The axis check works well now after I adjusted the tension of the belt even more. Checked with the jigs and there was no problem with alignment.

I have done the manual calibration, tried it a couple of times and also I have tried with different offsets of the heatbed.

It is still a bit low on the same side. I guess the bed it self might be a bit skewed.


Thank you for the update. I am glad to hear the axes check works fine now. Adjusting the belts’ tension did the trick.

As for the heatbed/platform - you may check it with a spirit level.