Axle issue on my M200


I have an axle issue,

A picture will say more than any words :

I don’t know why it happened, and what can I do…

Please help !
Thank you

Hi Orphee,

have you checked that axes are greased well?

I’m not sure to know how they are greased well or not, in any case, what kind of grease should I use ?
How to apply it ?
The gold ring shouldn’t be “fixed” to the black piece ?
Thank you


I know that my colleague Izabela already replied to your support form. She will surely help you to resolve the problem.

When it comes to greasing the rods - we recommend using teflon or lithium grease. Please refer to step 14 of our manual.

Thank you Zortrax for your kind and really fast responsive support, problem solved :slight_smile:

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