Bad ABS spool

I have bought lots time ago a good quantity of ABS spools from re-seller here in Italy

recently i have open a new spool of ABS gray, and i have fail one print becouse filament was blocked by a node in the spool....ok....

re-clean the bed, start print again, and print stop after 4 hours of print becouse same problem......

with patience i have clean all, trow away the "half print" and start again the print........result? its happen again!!!

ok now i have 3 print failed becouse of bad spool of talking about of 35 euro of filament, its not a good deal.....

who pay for that? wh o u refound my wasting time?? here i show my problem to support section and they delete my tread.

and my reseller dont reply about my mail.

at my home, that its not a nice sign of honesty and serious behaviour....very compliment zortrax

The answer from Zortrax will always be to "contact your reseller", which in this case I believe should always be done. If the reseller is not cooperating with a customer then you should escalate it to Zortrax directly. Inform Zortrax that an official reseller is refusing support, if nothing is done then it is up to the customer to do as they please. 

One well worded email to the right person can make a lot of things happen quickly. 

My reseller never reply me

Give me your reseller's contact details and give us a shout through , mention our conversation there, attach few photos and no worries - we'll get you new spool.