Bad experience Inkspire and resins:


Hello, I’ve had my Inkspire since February 2020,
and my experience has been a bit frustrating.
I don’t know if i’ts a deffect in my machine ore something else.
But for example when I print prototypes I use AMD-3 LED Resin but the recommended profile says 2 s exposure time. After many failed prints I realized that there was underexposure.
Since Zortrax create a printitng profile for that resin makes no sense the my printer 5s for layer.
Either there’s a problem on my printer in the led or the designed profile for this resin is incorrect.
The same probem occurs with castable resins, Bluecast X5, Bluecast X10, i have to end up adding 3-4 second more on my exposure time and especially with castable resins 1 of every 3 prnts aprox. falls from the platform.
I have 2 bottles of Bluecast X5 and i find impossible to print with this resin. I don’t know if its the temperature of the room or if the resin has expired but I’m not able to print
If you have some suggestions, or how to check the performance of my LEDs i would apreciate it a lot!
Thank you very much.