Bad Layer Shifting - Help needed


I have an Inventure that we just began using for the first time. Things ran okay, but now we are experiencing some bad layer shifting. The extruder head seems to move freely in all directions, belt is tight. I cannot figure out how to fix this. I’ve blown through an entire filament cartridge on wasted prints.

Any ideas on what to do? Again, this is a new machine.




We are terribly sorry to hear about the problem. Please, contact us directly via support form so we can provide further help.

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I don’t have the purchase receipt, so I cannot fill out the support form. This was purchased by the teacher before me, in late 2018, but never opened. I opened the sealed box and began using the printer this fall when classes resumed. The printer produced about 3 successful prints before the problems started. I would love some feedback on how to get this very expensive machine back in working order. We also have an m200 in our classroom that’s been far more reliable. I spent over $1000 on Inventure filament cartridges and would like to see them not go to waste!



You do not need to attach proof of purchase in order to get assistance via support form. We are waiting for your inquiry to assist you while resolving the issue you are facing.

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I just submitted a support form. Thank you!


While I continue to work with support, the problems still persist. Does anyone else have any other ideas? My opinion tells me that the extruder head should be able to more freely move around. I’ve lubricated the rails and tried various levels of belt tension, all with no luck.

Has the Inventure been a reliable printer for anyone else?

I appreciate any ideas anyone might have!


Hey there mblack,

I can’t say that I’ve ever experienced the problem you are describing. I’ve had a few other little bugs, mostly around filament issues, but generally once a print get going it does really well. The folks at Zortrax have included the Inventure with many recent firmware and Z suite updates and that has helped a lot as well in terms of overall functionality. The M200 for it time and still is a and super reliable machine. In my mind it would be hard for anything with dual heads and greater material compatibility to reach that same level. That said, I have no doubt the folks at Zortrax will get your problem resolved. I was the second owner of 2 machines now that they have helped me troubleshoot. And when you do figure it out please post the solution for us other Inventure owners.

Best of luck,


Thank you for your thought, Ryan.

We, too, have been happy with our workhorse m200, aside from some recent electronic breakdown. This Inventure has been a failure since right out of the box. When I can get a print started, the layer shifting prevents success on any prints. What’s worse, I’m now getting extruder heating error messages, and errors stating that support material is empty, even when it is not. I’m not even trying to dual extrude - just single filament prints. To me, since we’ve seemingly checked and troubleshooted everything from the control panel up, it seems like a bad control panel. And all of this out of a just unboxed, new printer.

Even though it’s new, it was bought in December 2018, so Zortrax does not want to provide any repairs as a courtesy. Their latest claim was that components of the product can breakdown in the box. I’m still trying to wrap my head around that one.

I will continue to work with their support department and stay optimistic about a solution, but being unable to even start a print now, I am starting to think that our middle school is just going to have to accept this as a completely lost investment. I’ve already explained to my students that they will unlikely be able to have their 3D modeling work printed. Future buyers should probably take great pause in purchasing this model - you do not want to get a lemon like I did.