Bad plate adhesion

Hi, before posting I tried to search the forum but I didn’t find much.
My problem is on large prints, the left side tends to lift up, as seen in the picture.
With PETG the problem does not seem to be “serious”, the prints are valid, but with ABS, with side cover, instead the prints are damaged.
I tried to realign the plate but nothing, change fan speed at 100% instead of AUTO but nothing.
Any suggestions?



Please note that ABS has a high shrinkage level. Actually, it is recommended to switch the fan off (0%) while printing large models. Also, what calibration results do you get? The platform maintenance might be required. Most of all, I encourage you to take a look at our manual on how to avoid warping. Youl will find there more useful tips, such as preparing Z-ABS juice which enhances adhesion.

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In your photo, I notice something.

Do you use the side guard? Do you have a HEPA filter hood? If there are drafts inside during printing, it is not very good for printing.

Plus ABS juice can help you a lot for this kind of problem. Also as Karolina said, 0% fan.

Hi all!

Thanks for reply
@KarolinaZortrax: I had already done the maintenance of the plate a month ago but I had never cleaned it with acetone, I will also look at the other guide. Thanks!
@Centrac: Yes I confirm, there are no covers, at that moment I was printing PETG, I had read that it was better not to use the covers, with ABS instead I always put them on.

thanks again for the answers I will let you know soon.

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Hi, you are welcome. Yes, please, refer to all the steps, they are really helpful.

Platform maintenance completed, these is my calibration result:

Soon I’ll print something.
An information about the ABS juice, can it also be used with PETG or PLA?


Hi, the calibration results are really good (almost perfect). Once you cover the platform with the ABS juice - it will enhance adhesion of all materials, you just need to use ABS/ULTRAT in order to prepare it.

Hi all,
after cleaning the plate with acetone, made again automatic calibration, I’ve tried several prints, 22-24 hours the adhesion is excellent again.
Thanks again

Hi, thank you for the update. I am glad to hear the problem with adhesion is gone.