Bad print quality with Zortax M200

Hello together,

I own a Zortax M200 since 3 years, and until now I was very happy with the printer because he always delivered a really good print quality in the last more than 3000 printing hours. I’ve regularly made the maintenances, and if it was necessary, I’ve replaced the parts only with original Zortrax spare parts. Basically, everything was fine.

Now I’ve got a problem, what I can’t solve by own. I hope that somebody can help me, or give me a hint what I suppose to do, because I’ve invested too much time without any improvement.

Since several weeks I cannot print high quality (over even suitable) parts with my Zortrax M200 printer any more. The printed parts will be messy and actually not suitable (see the attached pictures).

Until now I’ve tried to change almost every spare parts what I could. I have bought only original Zortrax spare parts from official Zortrax reseller. I’ve replaced the extruder cable, the extruder motor, the hotend with new nozzle, the heater and thermocoupler, the PCB, every fans, the X/Y belts, and the Z-Coupler without any effect.

I’ve done all the suggested maintenances as well.

The firmware of the machine and the Z-Suite are the newest.

This issue occurs with all of the Z-materials, even if they were brand new.

So, if you have any idea or suggestion I would really happy.

Thank you very much in advance for your support.


Hi, Gabor.
Despite replacing all these parts, models look overheated. First of all, make sure that all the cables are properly plugged in (to the motherboard as well). You can also examine the motherboard for any signs of short circuit/burn marks (you can send me a picture too). Besides, I advise that you make a fan test available in your printer’s menu to make sure that they are working properly.