Bad print quality.


I lost that bearing when opening the extruder block. Any idea what size it is? :D

3x7x3mm   v4 machine

Probably something like this:

683zz, 3mm x 7mm x 3mm

Yes... I found them in only one place in Bucharest. I don't understand how these can be so rare.


Hi all,

Been going round in circles rying to get a better quality on this print.

More maintenance, earlier firmware, 3 different nozzles, and a different filament.

Ordered new ribbon, nozzle, heater and thermocouple, but they haven't arrived yet.

The last print was slightly better in a different filament, so I do suspect that the grey I have has slight issues, but there seems to be steps on the diameters of the finished print as well.

Marcin, can I get this file to you privately, so you can test it out just to prove it is my machine?

Hi ssangster,

Finally, does the new ribbon cable solve your problem?