Bad print quality

Hi guys,

I've been using my Zortrax M200 for over 3300 hours now, and it's still going strong 24/7. However, I've started to observe abnormalities for a while now, and I really hope I can get help with that here. First, I've attached pictures of a print that's kinda of the portrait of the worst case of bad prints I'm getting here. I also attached the STL and ZCode. 

First, picture 2624 shows that the print is kinda "kinda" bubbly at the surface. This started to happen with the last roll of material I received, so I think it may be related to a bad spool, but any hint on that would be great.

Picture 2625 is when it gets interesting. The support is hard to remove, and the bottom layer seems really fragile and not at all straight and smooth. My guess is that it may have something to do with axes (X'Y or Z) or with temperature, but I'm in the dark here.

Picture 2624 shows that layers right after the support are really messy, even tho it is a vertical surface. Again my guess turns around axes and tempurature.

I need to mention the following:

It happens with all my nozzles

I calibrate the platform often

The heater/thermocouple was replaced like a week ago

The platform is new

The platform cable is also new

We changed the axes bearing right after this print so I don't have any feedback on this replacement. However, comparing the new and old bearings, they were pretty much all OK, so I would not count on that.

I think this may be related to the extruder PCB? Or the extruder cable? These are pretty much the only things that we did not look into so I'd like to have your hints on that before switching anything else.

I'd like to mention that we normally get better quality prints, but sometime extreme cases like the one showed in the pictures.

Thanks for your time guys!!   

Hi Samanto,

Unfortunately there are no pictures attached.

However, it looks like you have a problem with overheating. So, it's absolutely possible that the extruder PCB is the malfunctioning part.

Please pass me some pictures via PM.