Bad prints sticking to raft

I have 3 prjnters of the M200 model, all less than 2 years old, and I am having different issues between them. I have the feeling that this has gotten worse in the last 6-8 months. The problem is related to the one Samanto has posted on this forum too. It looks very similar. 

My printers print the same files very differently. I can especially see it on the surfaces closest to the raft and support. Does this have to do with the heat the extruder is heated to? Or the heat the build plate is heated to? 
One of the printers tend to string and that one also releases the objects better from the raft. One of them sticks harder to the raft but also breaks the surface apart on the print. 
The settings are usually: Z-Ultrat, 0.09 mm, High quality, Low infill, Top surface 10, Bottom surface 6. Using Zsuite 1.13.
What can I do to remedy the stringing?
What can I change so the raft isn’t stuck really hard to the print?
Can I do anything about getting a denser surface on the bottom of the prints? It looks like the filament is weaved rather than creates a smooth surface. The filmanet-strings aren’t touching and I can see in between them.
On the fork-like object in my pictures, you can see that on the thinner parts the surface is open. It’s supposed to be a smooth surface. Can I do anything to fix that?
These main problems only occurs on the surfaces attached to the raft. If I turn the whole model over 180 degrees, the problem will now be the same on the part attached to the raft.

Hi, goranstudio.

Have you tried using the latest Z-SUITE version (2.6.2)? It gives you an access to some additional options which can help you get rid of the mentioned problems.

Regarding the stringing problem - you can try increasing fan speed in Z-SUITE.

Regarding the problem with models stuck to raft too firmly - at first, please calibrate the platform and perform a test print. If it does not help, increase first layer gap in Z-SUITE a bit. It changes the distance between the raft and the first layer of the printed model.

Thanks Marek! I will try your suggestions. I have started using the latest Z-suite actually. The only thing is that I use the same zcode-files on different printers and increasing the fan speed will make that zcode specific for that printer. But at least it might be a solution:-)