Bad Prints with M200


1. does yours are that loos?

2. it was that loos, that the metalplate was ( sorry i dont know in english ) "wedget" ( in german: verkantet )

Yes, ball screw plate mounting screws should be loose - lightly finger-tight at most - in order that the build plate can move in X-Y relative to the ballscrew due to screw and rod straightness variations. If the ballscrew mounting is too tight there will be unnecessary stress.

My securing screw is also blocking my filament. The filament extrudes fine when the extruder makes a complete turn, then when the screw hits the filament it all blocks and the steppermotor makes a ratcheting noise. When I manually push the filament past the screw, everything extrudes fine again for one complete turn. What can I do about this? I've made sure the screw is securely fastened.

Is the screw lined up with the flatted part of the shaft?

Yes it is. It could also be in the bearing though. I have replaced the bearing, and now this problem occurs. I bought this one:

I would find it a bit weird if that would be the issue though since the dimensions should be the same as the original bearing.

I would loosen screw and turn shaft collat around. The screw looks to be closer to one end.


if have mount the bolt that way, that the filament completley transportet by the bolt. Just move it a bit for or backwards.

mine works fine now.


thanks i will loose it a bit now!

the electric problem ( fan not working ) i have fixt ( one cable had to mucht tension ).

now the printer works fine again ;-)


Thank you, that seems to work, I just assumed that it wouldn't have moved since it printed fine, I must remember to assume nothing ;)