Bad rod bearing?


My Zortrax made some very subtle clicking noises when doing certain moves from day one but over time it got louder and louder. Yesterday it got so pronounced that I could not ignore it anymore and started investigating. The clicking comes on x-axis moves with a bit more sudden direction changes. After a lot of searching I found the back/ upper/left rod bearing having a lot of play… You just have to move the rod a little and it clicks/rattles loudly. See video. I checked all set screws/belts and they are tight. All other bearings have no perceivable play and are totally quiet.

I think that bearing went bad…

Video of clicking bearing

Pic of bearing

Martin, could you please send a replacement bearing together with my other things? That would be great!

I would also need some guidance on the best way to replace it (without taking too much apart unnecessarily :wink: )

Thanks a lot!!!

PS.: I used gloves this time! :smiley:

Are you sure that no grub screws are loose there or no any way to fix this issue ? It looks more as something is not tightened or not fully assembled. This bearings are for industrial load and is hard to damage it, maybe just bearing housing is loosen ? We will shipping to you new bearing but replacement procedure of it is a little complicated and this bearings was chosen with keeping on mind that it should never fail.

Best Regards

Hi Martin,

Yes, I’m sure. The grub screws are tight and also the mounting screws (on all bearings, pulleys, rod holders, everywhere). I even loosened the grub screws and retightened them again. I really checked everything. You can create the same noise by directly grabbing the protruding part of the bearing (the flange with the grub screws in it)… There is no play of the shaft relative to the bearing. The bearing in itself has this extreme play. All the other bearings have zero play compared to that one.

Thanks for sending a replacement! :slight_smile:

You have to send e-mail there with description of part to replace, SN and shipping address.

Best Regards

Ok… I will send the requested email…and I will also mention the missing filaments and the display in there.

Could you please still try to add the bearing to my filament/display shipment?


Following my previous post just write e-mail there, we cannot keep a track only by requests done on the forum and forum do not contain field as - full name and shipping address.

Replacements, warranty etc. is there - :slight_smile:

Best Regards

Ok, makes sense.

e-mail sent! :slight_smile: