Bad sound Z-axis plate calibration


I do not speak English very well. So I made a video.

No bad sound plane movement from the control panel
No bad sound manual plane movement (machine off)
No bad sound when printing
Bad sound when the plane stands up for calibration

I checked:

Plate Screws (are not tight as manual illustrates)
Z axis motor coupler screws (ok)
Z axis motor coupler (ok, disassembled and reassembled)
Lubricated everything (always done on every print)



Thank you for contacting us via support form. My colleague consulted the case with our technician, and they were unable to hear any unusual/disturbing sound. Also, if there was some hardware-related problem - the machine would cause printing issues.

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Thank you very much for the support and help. But I can’t really understand why one m200 makes a lot of noise and the other m200 doesn’t. I am convinced that the bearing at the bottom of the Z shaft is about to fail me.

Is there a guide to take it apart and check it?