Basic axis control for troubleshooting & bed leveling

My printer has an annoying vibration on certain extruder moves and it has proven hard to pin down where it is coming from and how to fix it.  It would be very handy to have a a way to manually move the X/Y axes so that repetitive tests can be done.

It would also be nice to have a program or routine that would move the head to each of the test points for bed leveling.  Pushing the extruder head around by hand is a very amateurish way to to do bed leveling.

It's too bad that Z-code is in binary code.  If it was in ASCII or text, it would be simple for users to create routines like the ones above.


not to mention the 5 minutes of finger-cramping it takes to lower and raise the print-platform.

"twist the lead-screw with your fingers" is a joke.

I imagine it would be very easy for them to incorporate manual machine-jogging.

I know this has come up for discussion in the past. I'd be VERY surprised if it wasn't in the works already.

I'd forgotten about print platform raising/lowering.  Hopefully Zortrax is working on a fix, but it would be nice to get confirmation of that from Nizzy or someone else at Zortrax.


We are working on manual control of the printing platform.

@MichaelHenry, please contact us at with your problem with vibration.

Thanks Filip - I'll contact support from home after work today.