Bed Adhesion Improvements


With the latest software release (very happy with it) we are no longer forced to use support material rafts. As a result I have tried a few prints and see some warping with PLA at extreme corners of a model which reaches near the edge of the print volume with square corners. I printed the model at 30, 35, and 40C print chamber temp without opening the door and saw generally the same results. I have calibrated the nozzles and leveled the bed.

Since the inventure does not have a heated bed, has anyone used any other methods to improve bed adhesion? On my personal 3D printer I have used glue sticks and blue tape but am worried that may damage the Inventure bed of my work’s printer



Hi @agerman2234!

Does it happen on all of the corners or just one particular sport of the platform?

Anyway, using the glue stick is a good idea. It won’t damage the bed, don’t be worried.

Please also try with increasing the chamber temperature a bit.

Let me know if it works.

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I see that all four corners of the bracket are warped. I do not have an image of it on the bed but the image I have included shows the warping and how it affects the location where it will be mounted to some standoff screws. The screws towards the center are countersunk and fit perfectly flush as desired. As I mentioned it is when the far corners are reached that the warping begins and the screws there are affected

What temperature range would you recommend for the chamber to print PLA? Z-Suite has the default set to 30C. While we’re at it what would be the recommended range for ABS as well?

I will try the print again with the glue stick once I have the recommended temperature ranges.


Much better with the glue printed at 30C chamber temp. Only minor glue residue left behind which should clean off easily. I would still like to know the recommended chamber temp. ranges for various materials though. Especially if this is available in one of Zortrax user manuals or a similar resource


Hi @agerman2234!

Thanks for the feedback.

I wouldn’t increase the temperature if the glue works well on the bottom surface.

Using glue or different adhesives is recommended in case of troubles with the adhesion. As the issue was easily solved doing so, no further adjustments are needed.