Bed not responding/ wont move


Last month, my m300 gave me a endstop error so I finally got those and replaced them.
Now my bed is completely unresponsive. It was working before hand and wasnt used until i replaced the endstops today… I checked the bed connects, all are firmly in place. I also made it a point to never print close to the bed connection point, so i have never even hit that spot before.


Hi @Weregeek,

Could you provide any video showing how the platform behaves when you want to move it (maintenance -> move the platform)? Does exactly the same thing happen when you want to start a print?

Did you replace the endstops together with the cables? If yes - please, double-check the connections on the motherboard as well.

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Sure I can provide a video, but it literally does nothing. No sound, no movement.
As for the switches, I did not replace the cables.


the forum wont let me upload a video, only (pg, jpeg, png, gif, zcode, zcodex, stl, zproj, zprojx, obj)


Hi @Weregeek,

It seems that you are already in contact with our colleague from the support team - did you check the Z motor connections, and/or replaced the part as suggested? If you have not - emove the bottom plate and check the motor connections. Once you remove the motor as shown in step 10 - check if the motor pulley rotates with resistance. Because if the platform does not move at all - the Z motor might be at fault.