bed problems and grinding noise

Im currently having two problems…the first is i cant seem to get my bed level…it just wont level…maybe its warped…can somenne link the leveling process so i can make sure im doing everything correctly.

Secondly im still having this grinding noise from the steppers…it seems to be limited to the x axis and only on the right side…currently my machine is in bad shape.i can manage a successful print by placing the object in the front left corner of the bed…for some reason i get no grinding in that area but if i print something anywhere else or if the object is too large to be restricted to the front left corner i get a grinding noise when the head approaches the left side and my print prints out of alignment…i was told to tighten the screws on the motor wheel and i did to no avail…any other ideas??..i also would love so ideas about the bed problem…large prints dont stick because i cant get it level.

Remove the bed and clean its underside and the metal platform it sits on with acetone. You probably have a buildup of plastic that snuck its way under the printbed, causing a bulge in the center.

hi “nmo” :-), is your problem solved?