Bed temperature drop during material reload


On M200+, after the print is paused due to a material enstop. During the material reload the bed looks not heated (temperature drop of few degrees). I stress the part and we waste time waiting bed to re heat. Could you fix it please ?


Hello facotl,
are you using the latest firmware (version 2.5.0 or newer) with your M200 Plus?
What kind of material were you using when you noticed this?
I am asking it because I have a similar problem with my two M200 Plus using firmware 2.5.x:
in my case the bed temperature drops inexplicably several degrees during the normal printing process, so in your case it is possible that the bed was already cooled down before the pause for the end of the material.
I have submitted this problem to Zortrax many times but sadly without any feedback or solution.


Hello Giufini,
I use “external PLA based filament” and I noticed that only during the filament reload but I don’t stay near the machine during print.
With your description it looks like a faulty contact (connectors may move slightly due to temperature expansion). Try to replug your bed cable.


This issue only happens with firmware 2.5.x, I don’t have any problem downgrading the firmware to version 2.4.4.


I have the same problem on FW 2.5.4, after STOP command and filament change, bed temperature drops from 80C to 50C and stay constant till the print ends, ZORTRAX team this is insane!