Best materials for high temperature?

What are the best materials for parts that have to withstand high temperature?

I found two different material data sheets that claim different numbers for Z-ULTRAT Vicat Softening Point (98 and 128 C).

(They're attached. Every Zortrax material data sheet I've downloaded seems to present a different set of parameters for each material. Makes it hard to compare which material is best for a given application. It would be great if Zortrax could prepare a single spreadsheet comparing the same parameters for each Z-material.)

Also, FWIW, I have Z-GLASS, Z-PETG, Z-ULTRAT, and Z-ABS on hand. Which of those is best for high temps? (I just ordered some Z-PCABS too; it hasn't arrived yet.)

Hello Dave92F1, 

The most up-to-date characteristics are those on our website (

They are unified for all materials, so the characteristic you can compare is Glass Transition Temperature - the highest one is for Z-ABS and Z-PCABS. 

Nevertheless, thank you for the suggestion 

Thanks. I guess there are a lot of older data sheets floating around on the Internet.

According to those data sheets, Z-ULTRAT has a higher glass transition temp than either Z-ABS or Z-PCABS (by only 2 C, tho - doesn't help much).

It would be helpful:

1 - If you had a comparison chart comparing all those parameters on the data sheet (in one place)

2 - If all the data sheets could be downloaded at once.

Thanks for your suggestion, Dave. 

We’ll pass that further :)