Best practices


I have a simple question, but I’m new at this and I want to follow best practices. When you finish with a print, should you back out the filament, or leave it in the extruder? I saw that when you have a clog, you should not back out, but rather run it through. But there is a back out button… Does leaving the filament in the extruder cause an increased risk of clogs? Would love to hear more experienced people talk about best practices.


I’ve never pulled the filament back out on my UP and never had any issues. I think it’s fine to just leave the filament in the extruder.

You dont need back out filament :slight_smile:

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Make sure that you read up on each filament type that you use as some of them have different properties.

Example, many individuals have stated that using the wood filaments that if they do not remove it from the head after each use, that is sometimes plugs.

Dave Chase