Better surfaces from .96 than from 1.1.0 Z-Suite


I continue to use Z-Suite .96 because I feel that it does a better job when printing w/ .29mm layers.  Same .stl with same settings on the same printer displayed below (.29, normal, full, auto on a v4 M200 w/ firm 0.0.6)  Left piece was from 1.1.0 and right is from .96 . Looks like the text is cleaner as well.  I do love the native 1.1.0 Z-Suite UI but the output quality is not dialed in yet. Attaching .stl to this post. -db



I agree that makes parts with better finishing and I still use it as well. 1.1.0 is clearly better just with thin walls and in a few cases with bridging. Hopefully we'll have in future a version that will combines the pros of both worlds.


It will be improved in next Z-Suite update.


It will be improved in next Z-Suite update.

When can we expect this next update on Z-Suite, is it possible to give an astimate, like in 1, 2, or 3 months, or for the end of the year.


We plan released Z-Suite update to the end of August.


Hello David

- Did you clean your nozzle before performing the test?

- Please provide an information what kind of material did you use in those prints?

- Can you also provide the .zcode file which you've used?

We've just tested it on 4 different printers with the newest version of Z-suite, exact same settings, printed with Z-ABS and they all came out perfect.

Just to clear it out: we're going to improve the top layer generation in the upcomming Z-suite update anyway.




Z-ABS was the material and it was on the newest of my M200s with the v2 extruder. I didn't specifically clean the nozzle before the test but both were printed on the same machine one after the other.  zcode files from 96 and 110 being uploaded.......

Not that it would matter but I'm Mac based.



With the text faces the differences are very visible in the zcode preview before printing.........



Here's 7 of what I'm printing and they were printed on 5 different M200s (four v1 extruders and one v2) with Z-Suite .9.6 . They are acceptable as a "disposable" piece and perhaps this is the best quality I should expect at a .29mm resolution (budgetary "time is money" constraint). There appear to be similar anomalies in each which says to me it's a z-suite/zcode issue potentially although there are also specific defects to each which could be a dirty nozzle or filament diameter issues (increases or decreases in diameter will fluctuate the filament flow from the nozzle).  I'll do more testing and see if I can't remove some of the variables........... (caution....very large picture to show detail)



I cleaned the nozzle and then proceeded to print with Z-Suite 1.1.0 at .19mm and then again at .29mm (see below) There are major differences in the surface quality. When I have time I'll do the same with Z-Suite .9.6 otherwise it looks like I need more printers and to take more time printing everything at .19mm (and adjust my pricing for the increased print time).




@David can you send to me this stl ?


@David can you send to me this stl ?

Igor ~ The .stl file is posted w/ my first entry.  -David


Testing continues this time on vertical surfaces or walls. Different file at .19 & .29mm with .9.6.0 and 1.1.0   Worst quality is .29 w/ 1.1.0 (with a major surface deviation on all four sides @ approx. 60%), .29 w/ .9.6.0 is better(same surface deviation is faintly visible) and the best appears to be .19 w/ 1.1.0 (with no hint of surface deviation like the other two but not so much better that it's worth the 30% increase in print time).  Large pictures attached.......