black filament

I just received some black z-filament and it works fine but the rafts don’t peel off.

I am printing chess pieces and I will have to sand the bottoms of all the pieces to get the raft off.

I printed with the white, grey and brown and the rafts came off nice.

anyone have the issue with black?



I haven’t ordered any black yet but did you try sliding the putty knife between the part and raft? That might work. I have also noticed it comes off easier after it cools down.

P.S. Love the pic of your dog!!!

Weird, I haven’t had any problem removing the raft from my black prints.

thanks guys this isn’t my first foray into 3d printing and model making

kyle…nice dog pic also.

I have tried putty knife and letting it cool.

very weird.No problems with any other colors.


Support came off very easily from the black “Cerberus” print I did.

Well, it’s a little weird that you’re having issue with black filament. I’ve printed different types and colors of filament, and I did not encounter any problems except some minor issues that I can easily fix. I’ve read from that getting a good print with different colors depends on how you set up the printer and the temperature settings.