Black Swan

Printed at 0.14 layer height, support removed but no other cleanup. I am really impressed with the quality of this printer.

Yea it is kind of perfect! I orded a nice heatgun to get rid off white spots from support, then a print like this gonna be 10 of 10. :slight_smile:

Yes I have one and will use it today

Guys, please post the results of your finishing with the heat gun. If that works I’m buying one today

Here it is after the heat gun

Looks like it works perfect. :slight_smile: I guess it wont take long with heatgun to fix white spots?

No, it takes seconds.

Looks really good! I got a heat gun too and it works pretty well. I also use it on the base after I remove the raft.

I like this one:

small and precise. Had it for ages, never a problem.

Thank’s Julia !

I went for this one, no clue if it is good or not.

[quote name=Trhuster]I went for this one, no clue if it is good or not.

Hi, that heater worked for you??? The one that Julia uses is no longer available