Blender and photo images

Just saw a recent video tutorial on turning a photo into a 3d image. Having a bit of issue with the still file loading in Zsuite but thats because of the complexity of the file I guess.

If anyone uses blender and doesn't know, watch this -

Heres my test on a drawing a rose that I am waiting on my artist to finish one of my logos.


You can also use the Lithopane creator on Thingiverse to turn photos into 3D prints:

Thanks Guest. I used Shapeways 2d to 3d online program before but I am happy I can do it all on my computer ow and don't have to depend on another service to do it. lol

The best and most full-featured software for this that I'm aware of is PhotoToMesh from Ransen. The author is very responsive and updates the program pretty often.

Looks nice Julia. 

I am big on 'free'. lol   since I am building customer base it will be a while until I buy software and things.

But like they say, you get what you pay for. Thats why Blender is so nice. Its free and it can do many things.

Plus I am anti-window. hehehe I know, I know but while some things change, others do not and thats one that doesn't. 

Definitely looks like a nice program though. 

I don't know if it can help, but the result is quite the same as with PhotoMesh

Look at that post :

Another Lithophane software solution: Photoshop  Lithophane Actions.

This is also free. An output file of ~200mb is not unusual. I run it through netfabb before zsuite, as the program exports it as ASCII stl.

L.E.: found this today

The pics below is what I was going for in Blender. Took some work cause after it is made 3D then deleting the plane is the tedious part.

Now I still have some issues to print it as not all pieces are connected nor have I figured out how to intersect two pieces and print them as a solid. It seems the slicer program picks one or the other intersections to be the dominant one. Of course that is a user issue, lol, as I am still a Novice.

Just wanted a cool looking Logo for the company. I think the multi color lettering.