Bottom fan replacement


I read the support topic to replace the bottom fan, very noisy on my old M200.

But : I can't find a replacement fan : "70 x 70 x 10 24v". It's quite easy to find  a 70x70x15, but not 70x70x10.

Can I try a 15 mm ? Any supplier ?


I ordered this one from Amazon and its been working fine for the past month or two.

About $10 in the US with free Prime shipping.

In my printers the noise is from the fan in the power supply, not the MB cooling fan, which is very quiet. I don't recommend opening the power supply to change the fan, but there is a trick to reduce the noise somewhat - cut out the aluminum grille from the power supply enclosure in front of the fan.

Thanks Michael and Julia.

Ted (a recent Z****P owner !)

Maybe I've just had bad luck, but all 3 of my Zortrax-original fans have failed and each showed signs of heat damage.


No 70 mm fan at Notua ...


Yep, and that's what I used for the extruder fans but as Ted said, Noctua doesn't seem to make 70x70 mm fans so I just took a chance on that Amazon listing.  So far, so good.

I believe that any 70x70x10(/15)@24 would fit.

Thanks Marcin.

I confirm, a 15mm should fit. I opened the printer, but I had been unable to find a 24V 70x70x15 at a european supplier, only from China or Honk-Kong, 3 or 3 weeks shipping to France ... So my very old fan still making noise !