Bridging Z-Suite v1.0.1


Ted, can you shoot a picture a bit more head on (not at an angle)? I still see sagging at least on the left square.


Andre, I didn't manage to take a good picture. But, in my opinion, there is no sagging. I just have a little warping problem on the left. I measured the 2 other holes in several places : between 11.03 and 11.07. But the requested was 11.5 ... That's not good.

In the other direction : 12.44 to 12.48, requested 12.5 : perfecet


This is not place on private scuffles. Any posts not related to the topic will be deleted.

What are you talking about?


@venosa, He is talking about some posts that have been removed from this subject, Rafal has changed his posts to reflect a lighter tone. I do not agree with this at all, and all it will do is make more waves later as they are not addressing the real issue that had risen in the topic.

But hey, if they want to talk about bridging then so be it. I think it is a good idea to give the user as many options as possible because this is 3D printing and everyone will have different needs. Even if it means putting the options behind a disclaimer wall that would void a warranty if one applies where ever the machine may be. Yes I agree that having this option will be difficult to write and may cause some problems down the road but that is what 3D printing is all about, trying to make new features and expanding on ideas to make the best possible experience and to be able to make the best parts.