Bug in slicing?


Take a look to the attached stl.

It's a small "drip tip" (technical name, it's a part of ecigarette) and if i try to print then rear, when the layer "up" there is a big "mistake".

The print time is about 8-10 minutes.

The stl is ok.

Do u want to try to print it ?

I think there is a slicing “bug”.


Try using random seam. I got much better results.


With random that problem is random :D


What settings & material have been used?


Since I have my own non-printable object here in this forum, I had a look at yours. Shared misery...

If I use the "Pause / Timeline Slider" in Z-Suite you can see that there is an area where no Infill is used.

Could be a graphics artefact, but also a hint that there is something wrong in the slicer.

I tried different resolutions and it always looked the same. No solution I know, but it looks already a little bit odd in the "preview" in ZSuite.

Mind you if there is a bug with slicing round thin objects one would think that a lot of people would have complained already.

(Here is my perfect excuse to get a Kossel Mini in addition to the Zortrax M200. :D :P)




This is the same STL printed with a normal prusa  without problems, see attached files.

Cura and Simplify slice the part without problem: the slicing view is more accuracy respect zsuite where i cannot see strange graphics artefact.

The model analisys seem good. 

Boh. I'm asked to Marcin too and he's trying to print ...


We have printed it using two different printers, and results are pretty much the same on both (pic attached).

It may sound stupid, but have you tried printing it using different filament? (any other, just different spool)