Bug with the firmware 1,2,0 ?


Bug with the firmware 1,2,0 ?

It does not seem possible to pause the printer during printing, even after pressing the button for a very long time.

I've noticed that problem in the past with older versions before the raft is done.  No problems after the raft, however.  Does your failure to pause happen before or after the raft finishes?

I started printing with the 1.2.0 firmware.

The printing stopped at +/- 35% for an unknown reason : the nozzle no longer extruded any material and did not move anymore,

as glued to the object.

I wanted to pause the printer to stop printing. But nothing happened. I had to turn off the printer.


I went back to 1.11 firmware : I started printing the same file and the printing went perfectly !

Bug firmware ?

Bug M200 (new printer ) ?

I'll check that and let you know.