Build platform moving option on pause mode

Hi Zortrax team.

Is there possible to add to printers software option, that on pause mode i can move buildplate down?

Hey there! Which printer model do you have in mind?

I have M300, and just unpacked M200+ model. So basicaly it would be on all M200/300 and M200/300 plus models.
Reason why i asking this is - as i wrote one FB Zortrax group thread too - i am using trick that i am pausing printing after raft and then coating raft with 3d printing adheshive. So i get easyly separating raft and nice bottom surface finish. But if i cant move buildplate down i cant use full platform size . Usable only that part what isnt covered with axis rods and extruder head. But if i can move platform down i can access to whole surface.

Thanks for suggestion. I will pass it to our specialists for consideration :slight_smile: