Callibration Failed

Hi I am struggling to pin down the source of this current error with my M200 plus which has occurred during the automatic calibration process. The probing is failing as the platform is not moving up to the hotend, it just stays in place as it is attempting to probe. I have tried using the platform menu to raise and lower the platform, which it initially didn’t do, but I can now successfully do. I have the latest version of the firmware installed (just installed this the other day) and have used a multimeter to check connectivity through each connection on the z-axis stepper cable. I have also check the resistance in the connections for the z axis stepper motor against another one of our working m200 plus printers (approx 29.4 ohms) and they seem to match with no leakage across the two coils. Not sure what else I should be checking.

Hi Shane,

if the platform is not moving up while attempting to probe, and you can move the platform all the way up and down through the menu - the Z axis motor seems to be fine. I would rather suspect that a short-circuit has affected either the perforated plate, heatbed or heatbed cable. Make sure the heatbed cable is fimly plugged into the adapter in the Z axis cover and that none of the pins are bent/damaged.

You could take measurements as shown in the troubleshooting manual. Or, as you have another M200 Plus unit - you can swap the parts one by one to confirm a root of the problem.

Best regards

Thanks Karolina for your reply, Went through the troubleshooter and found that the perforated plate was the issue, had a spare one on hand so just switched it over and it is working fine now

Hi Shane,

thank you for the update. I am glad to hear the problem has been resolved once the perforated plate was replaced.