Camera disconnection

The camera is ok at beginning, and when come back the camera is disconnected and no way to have the picture anymore throught z-suite. Wifi is ok, prining always in progress, the timing is sync on Z-suite ect … Thanks for following

Hi @JfR,

do you get any error or notification when you try to reconnect the camera? Is the camera button inactive? Please provide more information and screenshots. Also, is the software up-to-date?

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No notification, exept on the printer only one time did not find the camera. Seems more stable since i have introduce “never” on pause. everything is update

Could you try to set up a mobile hotspot and check if the same problem will occur? As we have not received similar reports, it is difficult to look into the matter without more information.

Problem appears again, camera not detected … no way from z-suite too … reboot and no way anymore.last firmaware, last z_suite update …

Hi @JfR,

as far as I understand - there is no camera preview at all now, right? Are you getting warning that the camera is disconnected? Have you tried reverting to some previous firmware/software version?

Please install VLC media player and go to media → open network stream. Then provide the printer’s IP followed by :8086/ - (just as shown in the picture below) and click “play”. Will you be able to access the camera preview then?

Clipboard - 30 sierpnia 2019 10_02


The last news , we have reload everything after day off, the camera was detected, the camera appears inside zsuite, but after some minutes of printing the camera freeze … i have 2.26.00 of zsuite. last firmware update inside printer … if we remember well all was ok before last update, we do not have relaunch with older version, because we are in high level of production for an exhibition during Basel Art. in fact the printer run well, we are just disapointed with the camera future wich is a plus for controling process … also we do not succeed with vlc to see camera, but we have not spend many time on it to solve and test deeper.