Can anyone explain what happened?

So I went to print this:

And it looked beautiful, but towards the top it started to get very stringy and blobby (these are technical terms :D). The preview slices in Z-Suite don’t look funny at all.

I guess it is because when print reach the mouth it does alot off rapid feeds in the air and some plastic ozzing from nozzle catches edges when moving around from side to side.

What settings were you using?

“Strings” like those appear whenever you print concave shells without support, you can increase the angle to support, on the other hand, the “blobby” look is due to the seam lines, I will try to print it with other settings to see what happens. Regards.

[quote name=Kyle]What settings were you using?

.14, full fill, no support, 20% fan

Try 100% fan

Yeah, small or thin objects usually need more fan to cool down before the next layer. Make sure your nozzle is clean too.

If it were just stringing, I might agree (although ABS doesn’t have this problem as much as PLA). It’s not much of an overhang (it’s gradual) and it’s 3mm thick. The stringing doesn’t really bother me, but the external (and internal wall) blobbing does…it’s almost like it’s extruding far too much material (which I’ve experienced before on my RepRep). I thought maybe something had happened to the nozzle too, but I immediately printed something else and had no issues.

I ended up printing on my Up! Plus (still no support, .15, etc) and it worked great. Either there’s something wonky with this stl (that the Up! ignored) or the slicer did something wrong.

Maybe it has something to do with the “slow down” bug that the current firmware still has?