can the company at least give a time frame

Can we at least get a reasonable time frame on when and even if we can get some of the features promised to us? a new user…my company bought your printer a month ago based on my suggestion and now i have a problem because i bought the machine under the assumption these features would be available soon and now im stuck unable to use the machine for 90 percent of what i need…its my fault…i should have bought a printer already equipped to do what i needed …i should not have bought a promise…but i did and now hearing julia talk about a year has gone by and shes still waiting for the most basic upgrades,.im almost past being concerned…at this point im thinking of just buying another machine…i need a second extruder…removal of support is ridiculous and unrealistic with complex models…secondly i need variable temperature control on my extruder…cheap plastic is just that…i need the option of using wood and sandstone filament. …i could at least get some use from this machine if i could vary the temperature but without at least that i cant use it at all…i bought this machine for the promise of higher resolution and we dont even have that…frankly i would rather have variable temperature instead of higher resolution but whatever…i have lost faith and im being pressured at work to produce what i thought i could with this machine…knowing that all i need is a duel extruder and ability to vary the temperature, does someone recommend a different machine for this purpose?..i will be looking to sell my zortrax…its basically brand new…its prints great…i only printed with it 5 times…no problems at all and the prints look beautiful, …just too few advanced features to be of any use for me…i work for an embelishment factory and i need the option of creating complex shapes with unique materials and without being able to vary the temperature and use soluable support,…im stuck with a machine that can only create basic simple shapes with one material…anyway…id love to hear suggestions from julia or someone else on a good printer i should buy and if someone wants to buy my zortrax its for sale…i dont care about losing money…i just beed to make what i said i could fir my jobs sake.

I understand your position, man. Because I bought my M200 for my personal use but I was supposed to buy another one for my company.

But as it turned out, I decided to go for the “big guys”, Makerbot. They are more expensive etc, blabla, don’t even bother starting a debate in that, but, at least, they are reliable. And what is written in their ad is true and implemented.

I bought a replicator 2X.


Im sorry but this comapany made promises and i remember reading that ability to vary temperature was one of them…at this point its nothing but false advertising and is actually grounds for a charge back…i will be calling my credit card company to explore my options…imo there seems no sense of urgency from this company to deliver what was promised and i feel upgrading to allow for at the very least, variable extruder temp is easy and should have been done already…i think they plan on keeping the machine this way as some sort of attempt to only sell proprietary filament. …i feel that unless we stick together and begin requesting chargebacks from our credit card companies, they will continue to do nothing

Has anyone tried?..i believe if we hit them in their pockets we will force them to act…i for one am demanding a chargeback and my company charges a couple million a year and im certain we will get our chargeback…i will return this machine and their false promises and get a makerbot…i suggest everyone unhappy with waiting do the same


I don't get it...where does it say anywhere on the website that a second extruder or variable temperature will be available? Yes...they said in the forum that this might be something they would consider ...but it was never promised to anyone. 

In my opinion you simply did bad research and now you try to blame the company.

Don't get me wrong. I wish we would have more of the "really promised" features, too... like Wifi and smaller resolutions. But the main things you're missing are "non-promised" features. You bought a single extruder machine and now complain about it. me where a second extruder was "promised" and I take it all back.

I said the variable temperature was promised as well as many other features…sure a second extruder wasnt and like i said…at the very least provide what was promised…a year and nothing is not acceptable…yes…i admitted i should have done more research but the fact remains.they are too slow and many like myself have lost faith…why are you defending the actions of a company that clearly doesnt care about you?..i bought this machine on the assumption they would make good on promises…at this point zortrax is far from cutting edge…when you take the risk of backing a startup you expect that risk to pay off…you can get a far better machine that offers far more features from just about any other company…we bought a lackluster product with the assumption it would be a great machine soon…im sorry but an upgrade to offer variable temps could be done in a day yet they have stopped talking about it so im only to assume they have no intention…i went from believing their story and being confident i would have a great machine to now feeling i will be stuck with a machine that is basically useless for making anything other that cheap looking gumball machine toys…stop defending this behavior and stop sucking up to people that have done nothing but dupe you because until they at least make an effort to fix these things you have been scammed…some people roll over when scammed and others get mad and take action

+1 for Andre post, @jamestarpey show for us proof where you saw dual extruder in specification or any official information about this.

Good luck with makerbot rep 2x atleast you will flooding complaints on they forum and not here. If you looking for dual extruder printer which have really working dual extrusion then prepare 20k USD for Stratasys machine and 700 EUR for dual material single refill. Maybe Zortrax is still not big player but for rep 2x can kicking ass badly I was short term user of replicator 2x and I wish to not met this machine again.

As today Zortrax have very good support structures with one extruder, yes it is not perfect but Zortrax machine isn’t cost 20k USD but only 2k USD which is somehow value of 5 spools of material for Stratasys.

Has anyone tried?..i believe if we hit them in their pockets we will force them to act...i for one am demanding a chargeback and my company charges a couple million a year and im certain we will get our chargeback..i will return this machine and their false promises and get a makerbot..i suggest everyone unhappy with waiting do the same

It sounds like paranoia - at first prepare some list what's is wrong ;) Because when I read your posts I don't understand nothing  :ph34r:

Makerbot = makershit to me! we got one at work and what I can say is that, compared to Zortrax , the quality is way lower.

Yes I am too looking forward to new features introduced to both printer and software but I am not here waiting (and complaining) without using the printer. I am using it and I am happy with it so far. 

And all the ppl that see my printer stuff remain impressed and believing that the prints are done on a high end super expensive machine. (I hope I am giving Zortrax a good advertise out there actually and I continually get asked about what printer I use ;) 

I can see the problem of people expecting incredible thing from low cost machines and proccesses is universal...Thank god I'ts not only in my local market.

Dual extruders are not for newbies, and if they are low cost solutions you should be prepared to deal with lot of frustration, problems and a lot of more things.

Sometimes strange things happens, And if with "professional" systems such as stratays, sometimes you have problems with humidity, and tip to tip calibration I realy don't want to know what about a 2K USD system....

When you are an expert user, and you decide to buy an specific machine you do it because you know what you are buying, and you research. I read endless threads on this forum before I decided I was buying an M200.

I was aware from the fact some specs were missing, and I just hope we all can get them soon. Believe me if they are not fullfilled the company will never sell us another machine.

And eventually the current machines will be selled for a few bucks.

But if they fullfilled them, and the new materials are available. And if in the future zortrax comes with a bigger heated chamber machine, dual extruder, multimaterial(propiertary), and a customizable software for advanced users, believe me this machine will be a game changer, Makerbot, ssys, 3dsystems ASSKICKER!

As of today many of those "competition" Machines cant give the quality, and reliability this little fellow has.

I have been running this machine almost 24/7 since it arrived(8june) and not a single problem, except from a little adjustment I have to make to the bed to level it to meet my requeriments.

Some of the minor problems such as interlayer bonding are being solved, And I will be trying with Ultra t in the next weeks, to see if it improves problems on some of the large models I have printed.

You say a temperature upgrade can be done in one day. Well then why don't you make it by yourself?

If you are so asskicker then you can throw away all the firmware of the machine, and build a new one from scratch. And also give all of us the great feature you promise! So we can use any generic slicer and print.

Aftermarket solutions have an excellent market and f you can make any of this many users will buy your upgrades and kits.

The problem here is that you really don't know about 3dprinting and you pick up the incorrect solution( I doubt that with such ignorance there is a solution to your need) Because buying a makerbot is buying problems.. Go ahead and visit the support forums or communities. Having the most selled machine is not a guarantee of good quality.

They sell machines to dumb people with an excellent MKT strategy but when you start using them you cant get acceptable results. Most of the machines that use experimental material outhere are heavily modified and for that you can buy even a robo3dprinter for 799 USD invest 1000 more in upgrades and modifications and you will have a very nice machine for a lot of applications.

But if you want dual extruders and all the crap you say, maybe an helix is your low cost choice.


All low cost solutions have a standard 0.4 mm nozzle, so high detail is restricted by this.

If you need higher X and Y resolution. Then you will need to spend alittle more than 20K for a printer that can reach 0.2 mm in x and Y.

Dual extrusion equates roughly to twice as many problems. Zortrax and Up have the easiest support removal of any low-cost single-extruder FDM machines thanks to proprietary software. I've printed some extremely intricate parts with tons of support on both machines - it can take a lot of time and patience (an hour or more) to remove the support, but with practice and the right tools you get better at it and it's not as impossible as it sometimes looks at first. I think SLS can print with little or no support but that's big $$.

This is one of the first things I printed on my first Up (without an enclosure, hence the splits). Also, the upper horizontal beams are entirely bridged, there was no support at all under them:


I don't know what Pilou's experience has been with his Rep2X but I have heard nothing good about it, especially with ABS. And the Gen5 MB's seem to be an unmitigated disaster from what I'm reading and hearing. Yes, great PR and marketing to make you think they're reliable and easy to use machines, but in reality not so much I think.

As to Zortrax promises, dual extrusion was never promised. They said they might work on it someday. Temperature control was promised, but in an unofficial Shoutbox post. It seemed a sincere statement, though, and I was very disappointed to see it not happen - Zortrax just do not trust their customers to have any intelligence or sense. Control of the printer from Z-Suite via USB and wi-fi was officially promised in published sales materials, as I've posted elsewhere on this forum.

Ahntlia, if layer bonding is a problem for you, you're gonna love UltraT. I hope it becomes available in more colors in the future.

I did my first prints (pretty large) with Z-ultrat last week and I can confirm that there was no delamination between layers whatsoever and minimal warping (which might be due to a non proper leveled platform). me where a second extruder was "promised" and I take it all back.

Kickstarter, Updates #5 and #6


In future, this means after 1 month or 3 years. 

And the truth is that I was glad that this company exists, and sent the printer from Kickstarter and continues to develop. Most projects from Kickstarter has not seen the light of day and disappeared as quickly as it shown, and the people who have paid, have not received anything, except the information "We're sorry, but we wasted your money and send you nothing..."


One problem, me and most of customers ordered printer on the Zortrax website and readed offer there.

If you take kickstarter so serious then now probably you still waiting for Peble or trying to find anything use full with Ouya. What is wrong with you guys I see no day here without complaints and complaints is it some zortrax syndrome ? let’s enjoy your printers and one tip for future if you buy something then look only at actual things, I’m happy with what I got if zortrax provide more updates and more features then good for me if not then I will not come here to cry becaue for sure I didn’t bought this printer because of USB, wifi or dual extruder I bought it for good prints and zortrax didn’t disappointed me.

What you people fail to understand is that this industry is advancing by leaps and bounds…when zortrax is taking so much time to bring its machine, at least up to par with other machines, they are guaranteeing that they will fail…i said many times i love what the machine can do but with sonething as simple as temperature cobtrol it would do so much more…they made promis3s and they didnt deliver and you people are defending their actions by suggesting "in the future"can be understood as years from now…thats a joke…if these features arnt released asap…noone in their right mind would buy a zortrax and the whole venture fails…by demanding thes3 promised upgrades you dont only get the machibe that was promised to you when you decided to buy but zortrax will have a fighting chance of staying in business…with none of these upgrades in a reasonable amount of time this company goes belly up and then you are not only stuck with a sub par machine but now you will have no support, no parts and materials…you people are livibg in a dream world…this iindusry is very competetive and a small company like this is certain to go under unless they inovate…but keep defending their actions and suggesting 3 years is a reasonable amount of time to wait…lol…see how good that does you…i just hope noone buys another machine until these features exist

At this point im pretty certain this venture fails…my friend has a ultimaker and i cannot distinguish any difference in print quality… lets be honest, this machine is a ultimaker clone with far less features…sure…if they delivered on their promises, this machine would have advantages over ultimaker but as we stand its a no frills ultimaker…im so certain they will fail im wondwring if its possible to somehow run this machine off an ultimaker driver?..does anyone know if this would be possible? would give me at least many of the features i need…mainly variable temperature…