Can Z-suite be made faster by using more cpu-cores?

I am using Z-suite a lot, reloading models and see how they render with different thickness etc.

Getting Z-suite to create the zcode sometimes takes quite some time and I have seen that it uses maximum two of the 4 cores I have, some times only 1.

Would it be possible to support more cores, ie make it more multithreading? That way Z-suite could speed up tremedously. (my next laptop will have 8 cores)

I know that sometimes this is not possible due to the nature of the processing: not all calculations can be done in parallel…

It can be more faster by optimising the code and using all cores, but about this we didn’t care too much just now it is ‘enough’ fast when all important main features are done then we will optimise whole code then it will take 10x faster to prepare model.

Best Regards