Can Zsuite handle lithophane?

hello to everyone, last night I wanted to try slice a lithophane model, in one hour arrived at 20% of completion, then I left it working all night, but this morning it was still 20%. will it be for file size? It's about 30MB,it's strange because using slic3r from repetier host it takes about an hour and 15 minutes to complete the slicing, I do not understand what the cause of the problem can be...

I sliced and printed many Lithopanes some of up to 150 MB in size. If asking questions it makes sense to explain what setup (OS, slicer version and parms) is causing the trouble.

Right...I'm running last version of Zsuite (1.12on win 7 4GB ram - 2,5GHz intel i3,tryed on another pc (win 7,8GB ram i5 3GHz but slicing process stopped at 34% after a night of working), 90 micron of layer and other settings are for external material

I don't like that new versions, some are more buggy than the early betas. This one was printed while prototyping some presents, sliced with (would give this version a try), also 90 micron resolution. Of course no external materials profile in that version, but there are hacks available.

done,just reinstalled Zsuite (last version)!