Cannot add support in cross section view mode

I want to add manual support to the ceiling that cannot be clicked due to model shape restrictions.

I discovered a feature “Cross Section View” and succeeded in creating a view where I could click the ceiling, but clicking the ceiling didn’t add any support.

Is my operation wrong?


Hello brilliant2hatsune,

Did you try generating automatic support?

You can adjust the angle to match your needs, and if needed, remove the support that is useless for you.

Indeed you cannot add support using Cross Section View.

I’ll pass your suggestion to our specialists.

Best Regards

thank you!
But I don’t like the automatic support that Z-suite has now.

The reason is that “support offset” cannot be turned off.
For my model, support offsets are almost always unnecessary and have the only disadvantage of being difficult to remove.

It should have been possible in the old version. Why?

Hi @brilliant2hatsune,

at some point, we have implemented significant changes in the software, especially how support structures are generated. Since this method has imposed limitations on the slicing process - support offset can no longer be turned off.

Best regards,