Cannot connect to camera

Having troubles connecting to the camera in a M300 Dual, when clicking the camera preview button in z-suite i get an error box saying “camera preview failed” “There was a problem with the camera preview in your printer”. Any suggestion on fixing this issue?


Edit: Did a restart of my computer and that seems to have fixed the problem.

Hi, @andrewtii.

Make sure that you use the newest Z-SUITE version (we’ve improved camera connection).
Should the issue appear again, please let us know.

Hello Marta, I still have issues with the camera of my Zortrax M300 Dual. I’m using the latest Z-suite 2 software and the latest firmware for the printer, but since day one when I got my printer on September 20th the camera has been always busy as used by somebody else. The printer is hooked up to my office wifi. Do you think that the next firmware will permanently take care of the camera’s issue? Thanks

I have another problem with my camera. If i click on the camera bottom in my devices in Z-suite 2 , i get a message / error “The camera is in use by another User. Please try again later.”

I work as Single User.
Connected by lan
Newest version of firmware
Newest version of Z-suite 2
Windows 7 pro

Can you give me a helping hand?

Hello guys,

We are aware of the problem - our specialists are doing their best to provide a solution as soon as possible. The fix will resolve the experienced issue.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

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