Can't check out in Store


Hi, I can seem to place my order for filaments + spares parts. When I get to where I press "Pay"  it wont go any further.

I have written to support but no answer, I am a bit in a hurry since I need the materials for a customer...



can you try just the filaments without the spares? s1 from the stuff mentioned yesterday that some of the spares should not be visible yet, so maybe they are locked


try using a different internet browser sometimes that works


I'm running into the same problem. When I choose a payment type and click "Pay", the process hangs. Same results on Safari and Chrome. 


Same problem here


Me too.


Problem is solved, please check again.


Yes, it is working now. Thanks


I'm trying to order spare parts and get the message below right after supplying my credit card info to the Espago payment option.  I'm in the US, in case that matters.


 Error: MOTO/eCommerce inactive or amount limit exceed


@Michael -  Please check settings of your account and configurations of limits. Please contact your card issuer


Thanks Igor.  My credit card company flagged the transaction as possible fraud, probably because I'm in the US and don't buy from other counties very often.  That's cleared up now and I just need to know if I should re-submit the order or if the previous attempt will go through now that the fraud flag is cleared.  I've emailed sales support so hopefully they will answer in the morning.


Thank you, I now have my order in place  ;)  and I got the new hotend, perfplate, and side covers.

Looking forward to seeing the upgrades, my taped-on plastic bag sides don't look that good.


Just a question, I am registered with my company and VAT number, where can I see that the VAT is deducted (not included)?


It appears that you must register as a company to get the no VAT option? Here in the USA we do not have VAT (yet!).


The prices in the EU store are without VAT. If you have a valid VAT number, that's it. If not, 23% Polish VAT will be added at check-out. I don't know about non-EU store's rules.