Cant get special customer price

Hi All,

I am having problem to get the special customer price for the filament even after key in the serial number.

Do any of you guys having the same problem.

Upload some pictures with this problem, I think it will be useful for Zortrax team

Same here, I attach pictures.

I was asked for my S/N

Then the special price was higlighted

But when I checkout I get the normal price...



Have same problem, I think they will solve it on Monday - so we need just be patient :)

Let me know about your SN on PM guys. I will check it asap, I guess on Monday.

We apologize for this issue, tomorrow we should solve it.


just to be sure : there is no more "special price" for M200 owner's ?

I was on the european store : only 1 price for Z-ABS €27 ?

asked a few days ago with no response

:huh: Hum...

Here's Zortrax's response:


There is one price for filaments, please visit our website for more details:

Same as

Ted - the price on EU store have not changed, so this is the price for owners.

on your other topic

seems to be no (more) promotionnal prices for M200 owners :frowning: