Can't print a mesh/grill


Hi together,

I don’t know if I’m correct in this subforum or M300 Dual but I will ask here first
I cannot print a mesh/grill
I tried to print the Pi 4 case from here:
But the parts with the mesh/grill are not printed. I load the model in the software, all looks good, but when the software should preview/slice the model, the mesh/grill disappears and will not be printed. Is there a setting that I’m missing?
I use Z-Suite 2.15.1 and use Firmware 2.4.2 on my M300 Dual

Any help would be appreciated

Can’t print a mesh/grill

Hi Christian,

The Wall Thickness Analysis indicates that certain walls may not print.

Please, set the holes offset to -0.10 mm - the model should be printed fine then.

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