Can't remove support or raft for single material use

When I have a print that is a single extruder print (no soluble supports) the prints can’t be removed from the build plate easily at all. I just gouged my hand with the Zortrax scraper due to having to overly force some Ultrat from the build plate. Can the Inventure actually print with a single material without completely sticking to the plate like super glue?

I don’t have inventure, but if you switch to external material you can adjust raft platform gap to make raft release from build plate easier or you can adjust first layer gap to make model release from raft easier. You can also adjust first layer or raft flow ratios (decrease should release easier).

I have tried that without any success. I guess I am left fiddling.

The Inventure build plate is also very different than the M200.

Well I found the perfect raft settings if you are using UltraT single extruder or ABS external single extruder.

Raft Layers: 4
platform gap: 1mm
density: 50%
flow rate: 50%
speed: 100%

Ending. I was having prints sticking to the build plates when the Z-Support material was not used for supports…i.e. single extruder use. So, these settings may work for more materials as well when using a single extruder to print.